It is declare to all sections of people that every year 800 Million of people do not have access to clean safe Drinking water & 1.4 Million of children die every year from waterborne illness and you are want to help. You can do a lot spreading awareness of this problem through your social media network, so that the more people know, the more likely clean water, as for this, Shibkalinagar (N) Welfare Society is already started through website address you can be assembled with us. Kindly do the Needful Service you only can save life.

Thank you. For Shibkalinagar (N) Welfare Society
1. Programme Advisory Committee
A programme Advisory Committee has been formed to discuss the various operational problems, policy matters and issues for successful counseling of cases and for their development.
2. Registration
When any women comes to the Centre and seeks necessary help and guidance, she is advised to formally register her case in the family counseling centre of SWS briefly.
3. Preliminary Collection of facts about the case
After a case is registered possible enquiry is done by a way of interviewing the relatives, neighbors and members of the family of the said women.
4. Correspondence
The person who apparently appear to be responsible for the case, are contracted by letters and are asked to meet the concerned Officials of the Centre, and to give their statement. This is done by correspondence. Correspondence are also done to make regular follow-up of the cases.
5. Mutual Settlement
the initial attempt is to make Mutual Settlement by way of talking to body the parties, and counseling them preferably in presence of local Panchayet Authorities, local leaders, local youth Organization members and members of the local Women Organizations, hi some cases, it is possible to make Mutual Settlement in the following manners.
6. Legal Steps
In case it is not possible to make Mutual Settlement, then Police and Court are conducted with the consent of the client. Under such circumstances, it takes more time to make the Settlement The client is provided with necessary legal aid.
7. Medical Assistance
Some cases which have originate mostly out of psychological disorders are assisted with medical care followed by counseling and guidance.
8. Rehabitulation
In the process of deprivation many cases eventfully loose economic footing. These families are also rehabilitated economically.
9. Formation of Social Groups
Formation of women organization and their promotion is another activity which takes care of any social issues. These women's Groups have been guidance and support.
10. Arsenic Awareness
To make people aware about the role of arsenic in human Body and on observing its rapid increase, we have organized this awareness camp. Necessary precaution which are required to be taken to avoid arsanic were also discussed by the resource persons in simple manner. As the arsanic is being generated in the human body through water, it is necessary to preserve drinking water property. We have received to appreciation for organizing such type of camp from each and every corner of our society.
11. Child Education Centre
The organization has started two no of volunteer education center in remote area. Sonapur, MondirBazar Block which are about 50 Km away from the organization’s Head Quarter. The area is very remote where the children are not able to attend the school easily. Most of women are engaged in house work. In two centers 25 students each of 3-6 years attended regularly. Local women teach them on voluntarily.
12. Street Children
13. Adult Education Programme
14. Creche Programme
15. Rajib Gandhi National Creche Scheme Programme
16. Health Check-up Camp
17. Charitable Dispensary
18. Dot Programme
19. Awareness Programme
20. S.W.S. CONDUCTED THE FOLLOWING INCOME GENERATION CAMPS DURING THE REPORTING PERIOD Orientation /Seminar /Camps/Vocational Training /Income generation programme