Shibkali Nagar (N) Welfare Society

From President’s Desk
Dear Friend,

Twenty six  years had passed since our organization had started its mission we are yet at the beginning of a long journey. I am happy that in journey I have with our organization your sincere, energetic and helping people to fight for the poorest of the poor of the area to bring them up with various development programme.

However, to eradicate poverty, illiteracy, negligence  in health  consciousness and the right for the people for employment we have  to work hard in a concerted way among the distressed people. With these goals in our endavour we will appreciate any help and financial assistance from local contributors, government and other sources.

Let me present this brief Annual Report, Audit Report for the year ended 31 March, 2024. if any members can contribute us by sharing his expedience, please do so as we open to receive the constructive ideas.

Lastly, I convey my heartiest thanks to the communities, youth, staff, technical personnel and thousands of villagers without whose generous support, we could not been able to perform the tremendous task.

Ronaldandrew Marbaniang
Shibkalinagar (N) Welfare Society


From The Desk of The Secretary

In our last journey 2023-2024 was Excellent in the Activities corner of view such as Education Program, Income generation Program, Orphanage Programme, Different Training which creates  new limelight for them.

I am Congratulating to our stake holder, Such as villagers, Govt. officials, Panchayet, Staffs & Donor Agencies  who has share co-operation to play vital role in the sense of Community / Social / Rural Development.

The Shibkalinagar (N) Welfare Society gives thanks to donor specialy G.O.S , N.G.O’s , M.N.G.O’s , I.N.G.O’s . The Shibkalinagar (N) Welfare Society convense the best wishes our staffs for taken their the good challenges to specially the community people, who have helped very much to success the challenges.I also happy to say that the Shibkalinagar (N) Welfare Society is who taking new challenges for the year 2023 -2024 The Main challenges are the geriatic care, Orphanage Home , Environment & Forest & Environment,Agricultural Development, Pisciculture etc. We hope with the best support from stake Holder, We must Reach our target vision.

In the process of culture we adopt so many activities like awareness generation programme , education programme, livelihood programme, pisciculture programme, fisherman development programme, old age home programme, orphanage home programme etc.

Our main trust is to cover water & sanitation programme with implementation of swashha  bharat  Avizan  who’s  main objectives is to provide samitation in rural to reduce the diseases specially women &  children & Adolscent  group our new challenges  is there to combat against poverty & new Interventation on poverty alleviation Programme for the recent future.

MonoMohan Bayen

Shibkalinagar (N) Welfare Society 


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