Project In Sundarban




STATE         :    WEST BENGAL

District         :   South & North  24 Parganas. (Sundarban Island)

                          Sonapur Rajpur Municipality & Kolkata corporation


 Some Talk  ie. Sundarban Island


"Sundarban" the largest delta on globe in the estuarine phase of the Ganga is a unique bio climatically zone in a typical geographical situation of the costal region of Bay of Bengal.


All of our working villages are situated in Sunderbans delta. The infrastructure disadvantage of Sunerbans is the most vital reason for its overall underdevelopment. People from far off and remote village islands are deprived of basic amenities, and whatever solution and support available is often disrupted by the vagaries of nature. The Sunderbans, in South West Bengal, where we work, with population of more than 3.5 million, under 19 Community Development Blocks, being one of the underdeveloped regions in the state.


The remoteness of the region and its topography and geography, being criss-crossed by so many turbulent rivers, creeks estuaries and channels, where transport and communication are inadequate and painfully slow, as a dictate of the region and dependent on the tidal waves, where road transport has to be combined with the water transport, denies the Sundarban people, quick access not only to the available facilities in the villages but also to the facilities available at Sub-division, district and city for their survival.


The Overview of Shibkalinagar (N) Welfare Society that in our Seventeenth years of journey , Working with people in unorganized Sectors of our target areas, Specially the below poverty line people , Landless farmers , Bargaders  Marginalized Farmers, Minorities etc. The Overview of our activities observed that people are becomes organized & the target people are getting some facilities are prevailing for the people & it is also observed that people are getting a positive facilities like health , Education, Relief in the Disaster Prone area, Children Welfare programme , Medicine & other Activities.

Women are getting their Privileges & Advantage & they are more Socially & Economically empowered children are getting their Innomissation & food (Nutrition). Mother are engaged different jobs & They are becomes self dependent. It is also  overview that Institutional delivery are increasing , A.N.C. & P.N.C care are increasing I.M.R & M.M.R.



  • 18 years long of experience of working in social service sector.
  • The availability of services of professional experts and volunteers.
  • The availability of all necessary sanctions and permission by the concerned authorities.
  • The hard earned capacity of the SWS staff members to run similar projects.
  • The goodwill of Shibkalinagar (N) Welfare Society is established with every department.



  • Lack of funds.



  • The much needed cooperation by the villagers of the twenty proposed target villages.
  • The active cooperation of all the Government departments, responsible for rural development.
  • Active cooperation is always available from other NGOs & CBOs of these areas.
  • Support of the people living in thirty target villages who are above the poverty line.
  • Communal harmony and stability.



  • Untoward changes of the Government policies.
  • Natural calamities.
  • Untoward changes in international policies.
  • Abrupt changes in foreign exchange rates.
  • Deterioration of the economic situations in national and international levels.