Our Activities

Our Activities :


1. Programme Advisory Committee :

 A progrmme Advisory Committee has been formed to discuss the various operational problems, policy matters and issues for successful counseling of cases and for their development.


2. Registration :

When any women comes to the Centre and seeks necessary help and guidance, she is advised to formally register her case in the family counseling centre of SWS briefly.


3. Preliminary Collection of Facts About The Case :

After a case is registered possible enquiry is done by a way of interviewing the relatives, neighbors and members of the family of the said women.


4. Correspondence :

The person who apparently appear to be responsible for the case, are contracted by letters and are asked to meet the concerned Officials of the Centre, and to give their statement. This is done by correspondence. Correspondence are also done to make regular follow-up of the cases.


5. Mutual Settlement :

The initial attempt is to make Mutual Settlement by way of talking to body the parties, and counseling them preferably in presence of local Panchayet Authorities, local leaders, local youth Organization members and members of the local Women Organizations, hi some cases, it is possible to make Mutual Settlement in the following manners.


6. Legal Steps :

 In case it is not possible to make Mutual Settlement, then Police and Court are conducted with the consent of the client. Under such circumstances, it takes more time to make the Settlement The client is provided with necessary legal aid.


7. Medical Assistance :

Some cases which have originate mostly out of psychological disorders are assisted with medical care followed by counseling and guidance.


8. Rehabilitation :

In the process of deprivation many cases eventfully loose economic footing. These  families are also rehabilitated economically.


9. Formation of Social Groups :

Formation of women organization and their promotion is another activity which takes care of any social issues. These women's Groups have been guidance and support





Total Nos. of cases registered





Nos. of cases registered during the period






Types of Assistance provided during the period






Legal Aid








Police Assistance














10. Orphanage Home :
It is also known in every corner of people,That Orphanage People are Neglected in all sorts of people.The Shibkalinagar North Welfare Society conducts the orphanage home since long years & they are studying Learning in good practices of the society , about 50 students are in the orphanage home, vocational  training given to them for their earnings in near future.
This orphanage children are very much neglected. They comes from very poor Family, thus are also neglected from their own society. Nobody cares them, the organisation conducts also conduct cultural program for this orphanage. 
In this cultural program each year a committee has been formulated as per the directions.This committee conducts everyting , it is givings pirections to them , in that from Morning to evening this orphanage conducts the rules & regulations which manners they maintain.It is also conducts their expose visit from different places, to gain their Knowledge as well as giving Education from Historical  places.


11.Old Age Home :
The Shibkalinagar (N) Society is sucks to operate Old Age Home for their geriaric & Health cared & Social Care.
It runs in the Sugar island which face of bay of bengal. The society also gives value as a good citizen of india, they are berefted from all opportunity of the society , They are mentally & physical week . The Society is giving sorts of care.
Now the Society also take care on health & samitation personal health & Hygienic.Our society is running clinic, by which this old age person take care twice a week, Qualified Doctor  & H.N.M & trained personalities are coming, Not only their mental care, But also Societal care are given to the religious & festival times when happen our responsible person look after  it , It is also observed that through this programme, old age person are coming in front.  


12. Arsenic Awareness :

To make people aware about the role of arsenic in human Body and on observing its rapid increase, we have organized this awareness camp. Necessary precaution which are required to be taken to avoid arsanic were also discussed by the resource persons in simple manner. As the arsanic is being generated in the human body through water, it is necessary to preserve drinking water property. We have received to appreciation for organizing such type of camp from each and every corner of our society.


13. Child Education Centre :

The organization has started two no of volunteer education center in remote area. Sonapur, MondirBazar Block which are about 50 Km away from the organization’s Head Quarter.

The area is very remote where the children are not able to attend the school easily. Most of women are engaged in house work. In two centers 25 students each of 3-6 years attended regularly. Local women teach them on voluntarily.


Objectives :

  • To help the mothers by sending children in the school during daytime when mothers ate at work.
  • To attract the neighboring children towards the education,
  • Achievement:- The education center is completely guided by the Shibkalinagar (N) Welfare society. The parents meeting held during
  • every fortnight intervals.


14. Street Children :

3 Centers are established by the society to provide preprimary education to 75 street children in the age group of 3-6 years. Each center is managed by teachers and  helpers facilitating the learning process for the street children with the help of learning aids so as to motivate and prepare them for primary education.


15. Adult Education Programme :

We are running 1 (One) adult education centre (Kanthipota) where 25 illiterate poor women are enrolled. This program in run by our volunteers specially school going girls in our area. However the necessary learning materials, teaching materials and honorarium of the volunteers could not be provided due to resource constraints. We are approaching to the donors, various departments for running this literacy programme. Literacy programme is very necessary for the illiterate women for their empowerment and self reliant.


16. Marriage Help :

It has seen that a number of parents are very much seeking for their daughter marriage. In the Mid. The organisation Shinkalinagar (N) Welfare Society is came forward to support this very ugly family for their financial support for marriage arrangement & sharing to those families. In this programme the local people are interested to support hand to month for its their own interest. The organisation Shibkalinagar are looking its their humanitarian attitude for its further sthrengthening activities.


17. Education Programme :

With the grant from human resource development Ministry 5 education centres in different parts of South 24 Parganas has been in operation during 2010-2011 with the children of age group 0-6 years. And in the programme 100 children are being benefited in theirpreprimary education programme and it the expected that with the help of HRD  Ministry of Human resourceDevelopment(Govt.of India) this programme will continue at present  Own Resource.



18. State Govt. Creche  Programme (This prog. will be continued)
Shibklinagar (N) Welfare Society has established one crèche center, one at village Mritunjoynagar at ganga Sagar. The first crèche was initiated by the organization in January, 2006 sponsored by the Central Social Welfare Board under die supervision of WEST BENGAL STATE SOCIAL WELFARE BOARD. In the area of mrityunjoynagar(Sagar) in South 24 Parganas district women are engaged in agriculture production and other fields of production. Having their children, they face many problems during the work period. The crèche centers take care of this socio-economic problem of the working women. Crèche keeps 25 nos. (twenty five) children this unit within the age group of 0-6 years and take care of them in the crèche centers when their mothers are engaged in work.
Objectives :
  • To help the working mothers by way of taking care of their children,
  • To give the children necessary education.
  • To take care of health of the children by way of regular health check up and immunization.
  • To provide supplementary nutrition. 
Crèche mothers make home visits and arrange group meeting to make them aware of health and hygiene, various types of infective diseases, family planning etc. in case of absence of the children the crèche mothers collect necessary information regarding the causes of absence.The supervisor of the organization visits the crèche at regular intervals and meets the crèche mothers and discusses with them the present situation of the crèche centers. The mothers become satisfied because their children remain in secured custody when they are engaged in their work. The crèche is being run very well by the full cooperation of the local people & SHG.

It is our women based programme. This year we are giving training about 25 nos. of women. Our organisation  member as a voluntary basis take.




20. National Creche Scheme Programme  (This prog. will be continued)


In this year the organization has got sanctioned for 4 units crèche centre programme as 4 Nos. located areas i.e. (i) Krishnachandrapur(Mathurapur) (ii) Kakdwip-Bazarberia iii) Pailan(Bishnupur-I) and v) Purkaitpara (Kakdwip-Ramtanunagar)in the district South 24 Parganas of West Bengal for the purpose of care and safe preservation of 100 children of working parents 25 babies each centre. The programme has been assisted by CENTRAL SOCIAL WELFARE BOARD GOVT. OF INDIA, (Ministry of Women & Child Development)The programme has been organized by two qualified crèche mothers in each centre through provision of supplementary nutrition foods and medicines with playing materials and cots and other educational materials as they are required during the working period and at the end of the works those children were handed over to their parents. The programme as the areas need based has been completed with successful results and applied by the organization for the programme renewals for the year.



21 Health Check-Up Camp :

Our organization have promoted one meg health check up camp at Sonarpur block and Bisnupur block area on the occasion of World Health Day, We facilitated around 500 (Five hundred) women, children and senior citizen with health check up and free medicine support. Our organization have promoted regular health check up camps at Balia,. Our resource persons visits the area and facilitating the slum people, health awareness and health check up.



22.  Charitable Dispensary :

S.W.S. is running a Homeopathy Dispensary for those who can't afford much for medical treatment. During the reporting year, patients were benefited from this programme. of them around 64% were children and women.




23. DOT  Programme :

Society had organized 22 Nos. of DOT awareness camps through out Sonarpur Block during this period with a total 250 Nos. of beneficiaries – in the camps elaborately discussed about the symptoms preventive and curative measures of T.B. patients and the cause i.e. malnutrition and prolong hard labour. Some penitents were identified and referred to the hospital for treatment. 


24. Medical Aid Programme :

In this year extended their hand of co-operation for the poor & backward classes of Sundarban folk of South 24 Parganas West Bengal. In the noble experience of 20 years journey in our society we have observed that lack of proper treatment & diagnosis a number of children & mothers are die. Govt. has provision but in the sub- centre, Primary Health Centre, Block, Primary Health Centre, no doctor is staying in the localities, no such quality medicine or pathological arrangement is there. So this Shibkalinagar (N) Welfare Society is facilitate to launch the programme for the seeking children & specially for their Medical checkup & Medicine in the remote areas. This programme was successfully conducted by the society.


25. Awareness Programme :

 S.W.S. conducted the following awareness generation camps during the period-2016-17

  • Awareness Camps on Mother & Children Health Care-                        
  • Orientation Camps on Small Savings -                                       
  • Orientation Camps for Socio-Legal Aid-                                   
  • AIDS/HIV Awareness Camps -                    
  •  Abuses & Alcoholism -                                     
  • Environmental Pollution -                                                          
  • Arsenic Fresh Water-                                                                 
  • Drug addiction Programme –
  • Women Right
  • Leadership Development
  • Early Marriage


26.  S.W.S.  Conducted  The Following INCOME Generation Camps During The Reporting Period

Orientation /Seminar /Camps/Vocational Training /Income generation programme





No. of Participants


Embroidery Training


1 Month


25 Women


Agriculture Training

Organic Method ,Hoticulture,Paddy


Each day 30X5Day


150 Men &Women


Zari Craft Training






Pisciculture Training


7 day X each day 20


140 Men


Carpentry Training






 Computer Training





60 Girls &Boys


Food processing 



25 Women


1 Month

25 Women


27. Road Safety Programmes :

During Road safety week we organised raliy and human chain from Garia station road.

to EM bypass  & motivated the road users for safety road passing and traffic signal s. The volunteers explained the road signals to the people. The derivers of the locality were motivated for safe driving.


28. Consumer Awareness Programme :

To  have a fair practice of consumerism  and  knowledge about VAT our organization organized a programme on fair consumerism at Garia market involving local businessmen, consumers, Govt. Authorities during last March (Consumer's Day).Our organisation further promoted another consumer awareness campaign at Garia South 24 Pragana district. To make conscious people regarding VAT and Fare practice of consumerism.



29.  Mid-day Meal Programme Sponsored By : Sitaram Jindal Foundation (New Delhi)

The Shibkalinagar (N) Welfare Society provides a midday meal program for the Children & a care for the medical programme for their survivals from their livelihood &malnution&hungerness, in our last eighteenth years of journey with this education, health& sanitation & combat against malnutrition, the society is also praises that for the society is also praises that for the prosperity of children of the orphanage centre need the human value for the near future, we expect more Co-operation from the SitaramJindal foundation will provide the Shibkali Nagar (N) Welfare society for its total development as an integral part othe society. This is an at most good faith with the Sitaram Jindal foundation. This is our Prayer to you.



30.   Quilt  Distribution  Program - By Shibkalinagar (N)  Welfare  Society

This programme is grand success with presence of Dipali Naskar (Councillor) sonarpur rajpur municipality .Mr.Mohan Sarkar & Khakon Das (VLW) 6-no-Ward's Mr.Mrityunjoy Mitra.

A description of the details programme –

 At 3pm , on that day as above reputed person assemble at venue place. Before beginning of the programme  all reputed person were receive our office staff with showering flower. The programme started with some valuable speeches Mrs. Dipali Naskar highly appreciated  our programme and also

commited for any future help also greeted our organization for  such type of work. Beneficiaries and  local people are happy and congratulate our organization they also appealed to reorganize such type of orogramme though own honest effort.




 31. Shola & Cane Making Program:

Another part of self help programme is Shola and Cane making programme 35 poor women beneficiaries teaming period and production period is completed. The production is now running. The beneficiaries have been benefited by this programme. They are keen interest in this matter.



32. Cloth Distribution Program :

The organisation with its source has been given to the poor slum dwellers & remot rural people for sharing the cloth for the have not people in Sundarban, Iseland of 24 Pargans(S). W.B. In this programme about 205 No. of women were directly benefited from this programme. Finance capacity came from our source viz, members contribution & donation from well wishes.




33. Self -Help-Group :

During this year 2016-2017 the organization has formed 80 Nos. of SHGs consisting of 300 poor men & women members. In each SHGs there one group leader, one president and treasurer are existing consisting of 10 to 20 members. The objectives of the formation of SHGs are to well organize among the disadvantage men and women, to trained among the members for acquiring knowledge of process for advancement of income generation for their self reliance. In this year the organization has done smooth operation of SHGs with conduct of training and awareness with giving out knowledge for process for advancement under micro saving and credit scheme.


34.Women Empowerment Program :

Empowerments of women by ensuring there direct access to and control over, resources through a sustainable process of mobilization. Establishment of self-reliant women's Self-Help Groups (SHGs).Creation   of   confidence   and   awareness   among   members   of   SHGs regarding women's status, health, nutrition, education, sanitation and hygiene, legal rights, economic upliftment and other social, economic and political issues;    Strengthening and institutionalizing the savings habit in rural women and their control over economic resources; n   Improving access of women to micro credit; involvement of women in local level planning; The program aims at enhancing women's to resources for better quality of life through use of drudgery and time reduction devices, health, literacy 8s confidence enhancement and increasing their control over their income through their involvement in skill development and income generating.

Focus giving on micro-enterprise promotion in the on-farm and non-farm sector, convergence, networking and bank-linkages. A recent assessment has zeroed down areas of focus for the next phase as micro-enterprise promotion in the on-farm and non-farm sector, convergence, Improving credit absorption capacity of SHGs,, community asset creation and health, hygiene & environmental sanitation, including generating awareness, mobilizing women into groups, creating leadership and. simultaneously sensitizing men to evoke their support for the development and empowerment of the women in the project. The program also envisages direct interventions in the health. education and training.

The program will ultimately lead to lower fertility and a balance between population and resources to sustain the population.  Programme seeks to provide updated skills and new knowledge to poor and asset less women in the traditional occupation, such as, agriculture, animal husbandry, dairy, fisheries, handlooms, handicrafts, khadi and village industries., sericulture, social forestry and wasteland development for enhancing their productivity and income generation. This would enhance and broaden their employment opportunities, including self-employment and development of entrepreneurial skills.


35. Ladies Craft On Training Cum Production:

The organization in this year has meditated for the disadvantaged women income generation for their self reliance. So it has arranged Zori craft and Batik print for training and engaged 25 poor women by batch one by one. They have come out successfully from training course and make eligible for their self-reliance.



36. Free Computer Education & Spoken English :

Our organization have promoted free computer education programme as Garia. Our well experienced faculties are Imparting Coaching and practical Training to SC /OBC student of locality who are economically poor backward. This year we have promoted 80 nos. of students enabling them for their employment opportunity and means of income generation.



37. Agriculture & Pisci-Culture :

Most of the people of this area involved in agriculture & pisci culture. But they do not know the scientific process of this matter. We have arranged a three - days training camp. The agriculture officers of Kakdwip & Sonarpur Block and other resource persons Dr.lahiri & B.K.Saha were present in this camp. Two hundred farmers have joined in this camp. They were satisfied and grateful to us.


38. Craft Centre For Disabled Person :

This year the organization initiated a craft centre for disabled persons with (25 +25) Nos. of beneficiary in the trade of hairband making, earring making, Zori Craft and Batik printing for their income generation, the centre is now forwarding ahead rapidly and disabled persons from distance places are taking part in it.


39. Aid  To  Poor  Student :

In This year our organisation help to poor student200 nos Khata, others education material.


40. Mash room Production Program :

Another part of self-help programme is Mushroom making programme 25 poor women beneficiaries. The training period and production period is completed the beneficiaries have been benefited by this programme. They are keen interested in this programme.


41.  Aid To The Aged :

During the period under review S.W.S. served 33 aged men & women by supply winter cloths, medicines, cost of spectacles, hearing aids, micro-nutrients, etc.


42. AIDS/HIV :

Aids is a virus disease and by attacking this disease man can not live. We have arranged a one day seminar for awareness about aids disease. Local an M.B.B.S. doctor were our resource persons. In this programme 60 nos. of track and Auto driver  took part.

43.  Help To The People In Distress :

The organization provide financial and material support to 10 poor families for the following purposes :

  • House repairing.
  • Daughter's marriage.
  • Medical Treatment.



44. Social Forestry :

Environment is polluted day to day and it is created by man cutting of trees a large numberthey can not fulfill the trees.And day to day a large number of industry is increasing and environment become polluted. For safety of environment we aware rural villagers and others for implementation of trees more and for this reason we arrange an awareness camp. Block agriculture officer and school teachers took part as a resource person for organizing this camp.



45. Swachh  Bharat Avijan  : (Sanitation) - 2016-2017

Implementation of sanitation project sponsored by M.P.S, Govt. ot West Bengal. Our organization Shibkalinagar (N) Welfare Society have implemented & construction 300 No. of Sanitation Rural & Remote area of the target  families.


The target group of :

i) B.P.L. families.

ii) Women Headed families.

iii) Physically Handicapped.

iv) Adolescent Girl.

v) Old age Family.

vi) Children & Women etc.

vii) Schedule Caste & Tribes.

viii) OBC &minority.


Causes & Effects :

i) Epidemic disease reduce.

ii) Malnutrition reduce.

iii) Adolescent Girls disease reduce.

iv) Women & child care development.

v) Physically Handicap are easily using.

vi) Reduction open field uses.




46. Implementation of Tubewell
Sponsored by : K.P.S, & M.P.S.2016-17
In the last year 2016- 2017 year our organization has implemented total 20 number of  Tubewell in Mathurapur Block (10 No.) & Kulpi Block(10nos) we are giving the evidence of the Its coverage about 30000 no. of people in two blocks of South 24 Pargtanas of west Bengal, Its Intervention are Awareness camp, workshop seminar, group meeting regarding the utilisation of Fresh water. A lot number of families facilitating through this tube well for drinking water only
and not for any other purposes.
It is also mentioned in the Annual Report, causes & effects.
The impacts have been :
i) Low rate water born disease
ii) Reduction Malnutrition
iii) Reduction of child Disease
iv) Adolescent Health  Developed
v) Usages of Fresh water Developed   
vi) Supply of clean potable
vii) Judicious usage of good feedback of neighboring villagers
Through the implementation of the tube well the people changed their behavior with utilization of tube well in all sections of people & their neighboring areas, Now happily people are utilizing also.


47. Girls And Child Trafficking : 
It is a great problem to our area. during this year a lot of children are migrated and trafficking by some people. For this reason we have arranged an awareness programme for aware of our local people by which they can aware. In this programme there are 45 nos. of villagers took part and our resource persons are from Block level officer and local Panchayet prodhan. In this programme . 
48. Handicrafts Program : (Training And Production Centre) :
We are conducting various types of training programs such as Kantha Stitch, embroidery, cross stitch etc. on cotton cloth, Jute cotton cloth and jute cloth, silk cloth. 35 needy women are benefited through this program a manufacturing centre is also providing necessary technical and infrastructural facilities for producing fancy item like ladies purses, side bags, assan, wall hangings, table cloth etc. with creative design. We are trying to make linkages for marketing of these products.
49. Fisheries Training Program :
It is also a very important avenue for income generation. Traditional fisherman community though cultivate, but unaware regarding the modern cultivation technique. On training, the production may be doubled if not more by investing the same amount of money. We have organized two programmes with 60 participants. The Resource Persons have been drawn from the Govt. as well as from progressive fish cultivators.
50. Environmental Program :
Environment being major component of our program.activities.We have organized camps and awareness on Restoration of Environment and to combat pollution, Demonstration was made on waste management, vermicompost and to avoid the use of plastics etc. Rally/Padajatra was organized followed by exhibition .No. of camps: 5 Total Participants: 250.
51. Organic System Cultivation Agriculture Program: 
Like earlier year this year also we arrange a training programme for development of agriculture, because we have seen in the agriculture field that the farmers are cultivated their land very old 
method and there are no utilization of scientific method of agriculture. For this reason we arranged this seminar by which the farmers may cultivate their land on organic way and uses 
of pesticides in the agriculture very sincerely. 
52. Health Care Program :
Health is wealth – the proverb goes on So , if the health do not run well , wealth will be lost and reduced : Healthy people develop a healthy society. The people of the area, where the society is working ,have no proper knowledge about health & hygiene and healthy habits. Hence off and on most of the people suffer from different types of diseases. They do not know how to tackle diseases and to take preventive measures for developing good health as well  as healthy society.


53. Preventive Health Care :  
Considering the above narrated problem the society has started preventive health care measures through massive awareness building programmes. Several seminars, workshops, group discussions, dialogue, person to person discussion etc. were intensively organized. Charts, posters, slide, booklets etc. were use for the purpose. Government Health Department, local self Government bodies, local sister NGOS etc , collaborated and co – operated.Mother & child health awareness programme , pre – natal check up of mothers health, immunization for the children etc. were organized. Total around230 families were covered under there programmes & accrued benefits.
54. Celebration of Memorable Days :
During the year under review, the target group population participated in the activities organized by S.W..S in the following :
  • 1. National Science Day. 
  • 2. Inter National Women Day. 
  • 3. World Tobacco Day. 
  • 4. Republic Day. 
  • 5. Rabindra Jayanti.
  • 6. Independence Day. 
  • 7. Nazrul Jayanti.          
  • 8. Inter National language Day - 2017.
55. Cultural Function : 
With a view to create a socio-cultural fabric in the lives of the rural people. The society has organized various including their yearly festivals with enthusiasm. Cultural functions are organized to entertain the local rural people. Thousands of rural people attended and benefited. 
56. Games & Sports : 
In every year the organization makes arrangements games and sports. The participants of different age group take part the gain and away by prize. A football tournament were organized and 8 nos. of team took participated for this tournament. After completion of game and distribute few cash and Winner prize also distribute them.