Our Objective

Our Objectives :
  • To generate awareness among villagers on human rights duties and their self esteem.
  • To mobilize villagers in to a collective force on participatory approach for rural development. 
  • To upgrade the socio-economic and cultural status of the villagers by utilizing their traditional knowledge, skill and experience with science and technology  and  ensure people's participation  at  all  level  of the development action.
  • To empower women through alphabetization and literacy programme, and capacity building in various income generating projects. Develop saving habits for economic independence.
  • To raise health status of the villagers through awareness camps meeting and workshops on basic personal hygiene and sanitation.
  • To eradicate adult illiteracy through non-formal education. To spread literacy  among   children  through  pre-school   training  and  primary education. Rope in the school dropouts to non-formal education.
  • To generate consciousness on degradation of environment and ecological balance with its effect on life and natural resources. And to take remedial measures for a healthy future.
  • To adopt organic methods of crop cultivation by producing rich or recycling bio-waste matter and ensure that the smallest  farmer is able to plan transformation of their traditional agriculture to ecological  agriculture.
  • To built Model Ecological Agriculture Farm for Demonstration and Training of farmer.